About us

Spreading Yoga in Egypt

Flexana is an Egyptian brand working to empower yogis-and yogis-to-be in Egypt with the best in-studio yoga experiences and yoga equipment, all to spread yoga culture around Egypt. Inspiring better day-to-day movements and focus is our ultimate goal  – that’s why we chose for our center to be in the heart of New Cairo city, making yoga more approachable than ever in our people’s lives; bringing yoga culture into action.  

Our Team


Duaa Kebaish

Duaa started practicing Ashtanga Mysore Style yoga 6 years ago. However, later she was introduced to Vinyasa yoga style and got more excited to discover other types of yoga and to dive deeper in the knowledge and history of it. In November 2018 she decided to travel to a school in Rishikesh, India and complete her yoga teacher training course in Hatha and Ashtanga-Vinyasa. She has been teaching different styles of yoga since then but mainly Vinyasa style.


Enjy El Kady

Enjy believes that yoga is an endless self discovering journey.More than 7 years ago was her first day on a yoga mat. She was amazed by that harmony She felt between her and yoga, She decided to go deeper and find her own path and do her best to spread that impact she got via practicing yoga. She got her first course from International Air Yoga Academy followed by many workshops then 1 year later She got 200h Multi Style Yoga TTC to teach many styles of yoga, mainly Aerial, Vinyasa and Yin Yang.


Ali Abdelkawi

Ali is a Judi champion, powerlifting champion, CrossFit champion and a stunt man. He Decided to be more balanced and slow down the pace with hatha yoga and mobility. He felt healthier and more capable than He ever was. He found that being strong and flexible is the ultimate choice for the human body.


Aya Hossam

Aya is a certified 200 Hour yoga teacher. Through her yoga journey she came to believe that yoga helps develop mental clarity, body awareness and emotional balance. Her Vinyasa flows are opportunities to dip into openness, stillness, dynamic movement and balance while finding strength and flexibility in your practice
Aya’s classes are full-body flows but each has an emphasis on a specific area of the body while always using mindful breathing as an anchor to find stability and ease. Modifications are always offered to tailor the classes for all levels.


Aya Samy

Taking it through ballet, horse riding, running & CrossFit till she reached Yoga. Then it was way beyond the physical & asana practice.
Through Yoga, Aya rediscovered everything she thought she already know ! She found joy, self worth & vulnerability within it. She learnt how to step her mind and ego aside and just explore.
In her class, Aya tends to make people challenge themselves & maybe sometimes be out of their comfort zone whether it is about strength, balance or flexibility yet her goal is to to let them discover themselves more everyday and she ensure that they do it with love & gratitude for themselves and for their journey and not for the pose itself.


Deena Saeed

Deena is a 200-hr. yoga teacher certified from Vinyasa Yoga Shala School, India. Her journey to yoga started on a mission to move on with her major lower back injury since 2015; when she attended her first yoga class. Then on, she committed to her practice for 5 years till she becomes a yoga teacher sharing her passion about yoga & how it became stronger than ever.

On the mat, she is always keen on presenting new flows, new poses, new techniques, so definitely you’re going to learn and explore something new about your body and soul every time you attend with her.



Hesham is a super energetic person and used to do intense sports like Crossfit and parkour.. But when he got injured and all the sports he practiced only made his injury worse.. He sought solace and comfort in YOGA.
Yoga become his only friend and doctor ,it turned him from an injured body to a powerful body and soul..
His certification is from Baptiste institute in the African yoga project 200 hr.


Malak Abou Eita

Malak’s yoga journey began a few years ago, and it has taken her last January to Rishikesh, India to get her teacher certification.
One of her favorite things about yoga is that there is something in it for everyone, and she’d like to help people figure out what that something is.


Salma Amr

Salma is a 500 hrs yoga teacher, certified from Namaha Yoga School. She completed her 200 hrs Vinyasa teacher training in August 2018 and topped it with a 300 hrs yoga teacher training the summer of 2019 to deepen her knowledge in body alignment, Pranayama and meditation


Sara Refaat

Sara’s yoga journey all started because she sat on a desk for too long. She was very active throughout her life always playing different sports, but got to a point in her life where she studied too much, stopped working out and started getting back and neck pain from crunching over too long. That was when she started yoga. It helped her heal. Then she started air yoga and was in awe, her sister convinced her to take the air yoga teacher training after a while of training and she did. Giving her extensive knowledge about air yoga and then she decided to learn more, and started taking more courses about anatomy and yoga and different injuries which helped her understand her own body and her students. She has learned so much and has fell in love with yoga, and she’s still learning more.


Shiam Badr

Shiam got graduated from the GUC in 2008 with a bachelor degree in General Management; Major HR. In June 2019, she took the wisest decision in her life. She decided to quit her corporate life, her 10 years journey as HR Section Head at Mountain View and became a 300 RYT certified multi-style yoga instructor. She followed her passion in spreading her yoga knowledge to everyone she knows by working as a freelance yoga instructor at Mountain View in addition to other respectful yoga studios and offering private classes as well. Nowadys she teaches Hatha , gentle vinyasa , chair yoga , prenatal yoga and kids yoga.
Recently , she has launched her baby project ” yoga for a good cause, do good feel good” which is a khair program where she gets to offer yoga classes and 50% of the class fees are donated to trusted NGOs.
Our Classes

Inhale, exhale

Vinyasa Yoga

Focuses on breath, and is also known as “flow yoga.” Works on reducing stress and
anxiety. Vinyasa yoga is excellent for toning and giving you the body you deserve.

  • For those who like fast pace Yoga, this class is for you.

Inhale, exhale

Yin Yoga

Boosts flexibility and relieves tension. Yin Yoga is slow in pace and encourages
mindfulness and meditation.

  • A great class for Yoga beginners and the inactive.

Inhale, exhale

Ashtanga Yoga

High intensity class, consisting of 6 progressive postures – giving you strength,
flexibility, and a boost in muscle tone.

  • For Intermediate level Yogis, and for those who seek body toning.

Inhale, exhale

Power Yoga

Hyped-up class, focuses on standing postures to keep your legs moving and your
heart pumping. Unlike Ashtanga, Power Yoga is not committed to a series of poses.

  • For Intermediate level Yogis, and for those who seek body strength.

Inhale, exhale

Hatha Yoga

Slow-paced Yoga class that mainly focuses on stretching and long holds of poses.
Hatha classes are more active than Yin classes, focusing more on alignment,
engagement, and energy.

  • A great class for Yoga beginners and the inactive.

Inhale, exhale

Hot Yoga

A yoga practice in a room heated above normal room temperature (between 27-38C).
This class helps in burning calories, strengthening bones, boosting cardio fitness
and reducing stress.

  • Not recommended for those who have pre-existing health conditions,
    low blood pressure or low blood sugar, pregnant women, or those
    who have heat intolerance problems
  • Drinking water before, during, and after a hot yoga class is essential.

Inhale, exhale

Restorative Yoga

If you need a little break from your busy life, this class is for you. Restorative Yoga
helps in giving you physical and mental balance to prevent stress through poses
held for a- long-as ten minutes giving you all the benefits of deep stretching.

  • A great class for Yoga beginners and the inactive

Inhale, exhale

Aerial Yoga

This class is for people who like to see the world from a different perspective!
Aerial Yoga requires a lot of flipping and stretching. The gravity-defying yoga
poses are among the best ab workouts ever, and count as cardio workouts as well.

  • No skills or shoes required!

Inhale, exhale

Pregnancy Yoga/Prenatal Yoga

This class will help pregnant ladies stay fit and relaxed. Prenatal yoga also prepares
for labor and improves the baby’s health. This class focuses on 4 main
practices: breathing, gentle stretching, postures, and relaxation.

  • Designed and tailored for all the beautiful mamas-to-be.

Inhale, exhale

Chair Yoga

This class proves that chairs can be used for far more things than just “sitting.
” You can improve flexibility, relieve cramps and stiffness, and create a happy
state of mind while staying seated on a chair. To those of you with desk jobs,
this class is for you.

  • Ideal for beginners, the elderly, and those who suffer from health conditions.

Inhale, exhale

Kids Yoga

Apart from school and all the studying, kids need a time-out too. There is no better
way to keep your kid entertained, relaxed, happy – than yoga practicing. This class
will help your kid relieve stress, improve mood regulation, and sleep better.

  • For kids from 4-10 years of age.

Inhale, exhale


A class consisting of a series of movements that help improve stability and strengthen
the core of the body. Pilates improves posture and gives your sense of well-being
a boost. Pilates mainly focuses on breathing while tightening-up your muscles.

  • Ideal for beginners and for those who want to give their flexibility and body strength a boost.

Your Wellness

  • Emotional: a timeout from all the crowd, loud world and a breath that keeps the soul alive. Flexana is a welcoming, alluring, fun community that will give you an exceptional yoga experience that will always push you to become a better version of yourself.


  • Functional: A breath that keeps the body moving. Through Yoga, Flexana will assure to provide you with all the equipment, exercise, and practice you need to fuel you with energy and give you the body you deserve.

What Suits You?

If you’re new to yoga, you have a lot of options. With any style of yoga, you can improve your strength, flexibility, and balance. All yoga styles release tension in your body, quiet your mind, and help you relax. To get the most benefit, you should choose a yoga style that matches your current fitness level, as well as your personality and goals for practicing yoga.

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